Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We had a great lamb dinner on Sunday Night with 4 of Sheila's friends. I got up early on Monday, packed, and went out for breakfast with Sheila, dropped Sheila off at the train station we said good bye, and I was off to Mark and Judy's in New Hampshire. Along the way, I stopped by in New Haven, Connecticut to look at the Yale campus (it was raining like crazy, and I got soaked!) and grab lunch. I hit the road again and arrived at Mark and Judy's place near Milford, NH around 3:00 PM. The house is very nice and big, and very old. Mark told me the house was probably built in 1750, but definitely before 1780. For a history buff like me, it is amazing to be staying in a colonial-era home! Judy made a wonderful roast beef dinner and the 3 of us relaxed and talked for the evening.

On Tuesday, I got up and had a leisurely morning, then I drove to Quincy, MA to see the President Adams homes (his birthplace and his nicer home he bought later) and library. I read the David McCullough biography John Adams, so it was extra interesting for me to see the homes. I got back around 4:00 PM, we went to a very good local diner for dinner.

I was up a little earlier this morning, Judy had the day off and Mark took the day off, and they took me on a little tour. We drove through and did a little sight-seeing in Concord and Lexington (Where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought in April, 1775). We then went to Salem, strolled the town and visited the "Witch Museum" and a very old cemetery. We saw a tombstone of a person that died around 1680, and it said "Mayflower Pilgrim". I didn't cut my toe and got a picture. Now, we're lounging around and watching TV, Judy will have another wonderful home-made dinner ready soon.

Tomorrow, I plan on doing the "Freedom Trail" in Boston. Life is good!

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Jennifer said...

This sounds amazing! I am so glad that you're enjoying yourself. I'm jealous.

And I'm glad you've sworn off of undisclosed lunch locations. :-)

We want more pictures!