Saturday, April 12, 2008


Pt 7 Staffan finished work, came home, then Staffan, his girlfriend Sara and I headed out to eat a downtown Mexican restaurant. We had great food and conversation. Afterwards, we watched a movie on Staffan's big 'ol HD flatscreen.

Friday morning was lazy, then I drove to Addison to meet up with another friend, the Brother of my friend Alex (who I saw in Cuppertino), Ken. We had an Indian buffet lunch and a good conversation. Headed back to Staffan's, then roamed around downtown Dallas until I came upon Dealey Plaza. I went in to the museum and spent a couple of hours there. It was well done and very interesting. For dinner, Staffan, Sara and another couple Issac and Amy and I went to a gourmet Mexican restaurant downtown, "Iron Cactus" for dinner. I had the best Chicken fried steak I've ever had there. It's highly recommended! We all went back to Staffan's and played "Trivial Pursuit". Staffan took the prize for the night!

I hit the sack at 1:00 AM, was up at 9:00, and here I am. I wish I had more time here in Dallas, it was a great time, it was great to hang out with my Cousin Staffan. But the journey will continue soon, and I'll be off to Houston!

Till the next post,

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Lawrence King said...

The Grateful Dead song says that Houston is "too close to New Orleans". Hope it's not too humid in April!