Thursday, April 24, 2008


Got up Monday, met Ted and Eve for breakfast. We picked up Ted's friend Ray, and we all went to the Jamestown Settlement. For the one or two of you that may not know, Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the New World. We checked out the "living museum" and the actual settlement site, where archaelogical work is ongoing. Ray had us over for a home cooked meal courtesy of his grandson. It was excellent!

Tuesday, Ted, Eve and I met for breakfast as usual. We then headed to the Maritime Museum in Newport News, where we looked around for 3 hours of so. The highlight was viewing the remains of the Union Civil War era ironclad ship, The Monitor. Ray's girlfriend made lunch for us, then we all said our goodbye's, and I was off to Colonial Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary. I spent a couple hours there, then drove off to Charlottesville to stay the night.

Got up early on Wednesday, and headed for Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. I looked around for 3 hours of so, then headed off for New York. I passed through 5 states and DC on Wednesday! That was the first time I'd be though Delaware. I arrived at Sheila's place in Queens at 8:00, were we had dinner with a friend of Sheila's.

Slept in, cleaned up and headed to Manhattan on the Long Island railroad. I met sheila for lunch, we had a nice Sushi lunch, then Sheila showed me here office. We parted ways, now I'm in a local Kinkos writing this. I'm gonna wander around and meet Sheila at 5:30 for the train ride back to Queens.

I have some pictures ready to post, they should be up later today or tomorrow.

The adventure continues!

Until the next post,


Micah said...

You seemed to double blog there Gregg-o...

Greg said...

It didn't seem to take my 1st post for some reason... I've deleted the 1st one