Thursday, April 10, 2008

Duststorms and Tornados

Prt. 6 Ted, Eve and I had a nice dinner at the local Outback on Monday night. Tuesday morning, Roxy and I did a final jog together in the cool morning. We got back, I cleaned up, packed up and said goodbyes to Ted and Eve (I'll see them again in Norfolk). Hit the road at 10:00 AM. The freeways were pretty much wide open. I enjoyed the desert scenery, and the temps were nice and cool, cooler than usual, about 65. I took I-10, which was closed near the New Mexico/Texas line due to big dust storms, but luckily the freeway wasn't closed long. I chugged along until 10:00 PM PDT (12:00 AM CDT), and I stopped and got a hotel room in Odessa, TX. Evidently a tornado hit fairly near by in San Angelo that night. I woke up at 5:00 AM CDT (3:00 AM PDT), and headed out to Dallas to meet my Maternal cousin Staffan for lunch. I saw the sunrise, which was nice. I hope my picture came out good!

Thank goodness for the Magellan GPS, cause I'm not sure I could have navigated all those complicated Ft. Worth/Dallas freeways to my cousin Staffan's office in North Dallas without it! Met Staffan and 3 of his co-workers at his office, then we headed out for lunch at a local Sushi restaurant at 11:30. Staffan and I grabbed coffee briefly afterwards to chat some more. Then, I headed over to his apartment in downtown Dallas to "chill". What a nice place it is! I'm a bit jealous- it's right downtown, nicely furnished with a lot of cool gadgets (the computer I'm on has a, gosh, 25" or so screen).

Most of my postings have been straight journaling, but wow, I am having the time of my life! Everything has been great from all my overly-generous friends and family to the beautiful countryside to happy coincidences.

Hope you are all well.

Until the next post,


joshuadf said...

It's even worse if you ask locals for directions: "take the LBJ to the North Dallas Expressway and it's just past the High Five..."

Amazing he has an apartment actually in Dallas, I thought everyone lived in one of the many many suburbs.

Enjoy the sun!

Sun said...

You gonna stop in at Snuffers for the Cheddar Fries or what?

Really, Greg, your impressed by one large computer monitor? What a sheltered life you must live. Everyone I know has been running dual monitors for years. What industry did you work in again?

Greg said...

Sun, its not just the computer monitor. It's also the 50" flatscreen in the living room and 32" flatscreen in the bedroom. And all the other cool gadgets : )