Thursday, April 24, 2008


Greg holding Alex and Emy's kids Dylan and Alyssa in Cuppertino

Tim and Greg at the Padres game in San Diego

Uncle Ted and Greg at an undisclosed lunch location in Phoenix

Cousin Staffan and Greg at the Iron Cactus in Dallas

Dealy Plaza in Dallas

Cousin Tor and Greg at the Astros game in Houston

(from left) Carol, Don, Dan, Greg and Michelle eating dinner in Athens, GA

(from left) Matt, Melody, Mark (retiree), Marty and Greg at Mark's retirement ceremony in Norfolk, VA.

Jefferson's Monticello near Charlottesville, VA. Look at the back of a nickel!

Sheila's cat (put in at her request). Sheila loves her cats.


Micah said...

Beard looks good dude, keep it.

Greg said...

You're not biased in any way, are you Michah? haha

sun said...

The beard does not look good, dude.

You should have had a picture taken with a Hooters waitress on your lap.