Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ALottaTalk Update

I've been keeping busy with my little mini-blogging website, http://www.alottatalk.com We've added a nice new menu system, and some visual upgrades. It's starting to look very nice!

I've been told it's very easy to use. I hope so, that's part of the goal!

I also added a new feature: Now you can upload your own audio (.mp3) when you start a talk!

Also, our NW Conservative Podcast, "RIGHT HOOK" is chugging along, we recently recorded show #4. Keli Carender is part of the crew!

Last but not least, I interviewed a good friend who spent years in the celebrity autograph business, some interesting stuff!

Come by and check it out! You don't have to sign in to read and listen to any Public post! If you do sign in, we ask for a minimal amount of information, and we respect your privacy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ALottaTalk.com introduces "Audio Talks"

I have an exciting (but quick) update about my mini-blogging website ALottaTalk.com:

I've just added a new type of talk, called an "Audio Talk". An Audio talk is like the regular talks, except you can upload an .mp3 file (up to 85 MB) as part of your Top Post! Now, you can upload your recorded thoughts about politics, sports, entertainment, music or your interview, round table discussion or your announced sporting event. Also, like our other talks, you can keep your audio talk private for only those you invite, or make it public (with either Limited or Open commenting) for the whole world to hear!

Also, if you haven't seen it, there is a new mobile version of http://www.alottatalk.com - check it out from your smart phone!

As always, let me know about any ideas you might have about http://www.alottatalk.com and how to make it better and easier to use.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Interview With Keli Carender!

I interviewed Keli Carender on Saturday. Keli, if you recall, is the organizer of the first Tea Party protest in the nation (before it was even called the Tea Party) in February 2009.

Read it here, at my alottatalk.com website!