Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letter to Congressman McDermott

This "Slaughter" rule being proposed in the House of Representatives is truly frightening, it threatens the foundation of our Republic.

I wrote this to Representative McDermott expressing my concern:

Congressman McDermott,

I have been reading about this proposed "Slaughter" rule in the House that may be used to pass health care. Essentially, the House may "deem" the Senate health care bill to have been passed by the House, without an actual vote of the House on the Senate bill having taken place.

Everything I've read and listened to indicates to me that the use of this rule would be unconstitutional. A basic reading of Article I, section 7 reveals this to be true.

I strongly encourage you not to use any unconstitutional means to help pass health care. The future of our great democratic Republic depends on the preservation of the constitution, which you have swore to uphold and protect.

Thank you,