Thursday, July 16, 2009

Health Care Debate

I had this exchange on an email thread I've been on since 2004 or so re: Nationalized Health Care:


(My friend Larry said): the free market has proven that it cannot run health care.

(Me): You're kidding right? What we need is a FREER market. As it stands, 82% of all Americans have health coverage. I know of NOBODY who has ever gone untreated in this country (with one exception, and that guy was running from the law...). When I was between contracts last year, I CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE coverage for 7 months. Dumb? Maybe. But, a lot of college age kids and young adults CHOOSE not to get coverage. Not a tragedy.

Did I tell you about my friend Dave?

My friend Dave had virtually NO assets, and when he got sick with heart disease and cancer, the government covered him COMPLETELY. The government took care of ALL his hospital bills from 1999 until he died (AS WE ALL WILL) in 2003. The Government covered his housing for a couple years at the end, too. The worst part of the story was the horrific government bureaucracy he had to deal with. He HATED that part. He sank endless hours filling out paper work as he suffered horribly and was on the way to his grave.

I feel bad for Eric's story of the high cost of his ER visit. However, when I got in a car wreck, I had to pay $500 to repair the car. My body is a lot more important to me than my car- I'm willing to pay to keep it (my body) going.

That bottom line is: "What is important to you?" Upholding the constitution and it's guarantees of freedom or a bunch of free goodies?

I'll throw out the quote I've heard from leftist friends re: Bush's wiretapping program:

'Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither' - Benjamin Franklin