Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wonder Years Songs

Happy New Year, all!

We all know that time of life when things starts changing significantly as a child. Called the "Wonder Years" by the old TV show. You're growing up, gaining a little independence. The Middle School/Junior High Years, roughly 6th through 8th grades. For me, the first big change was getting my first job, a paper route, in the spring of my 6th grade year. Then, having my first real "crush" around that time.

I got the paper route, with several friends, we met daily at the neighborhood "Paper Shack" were we got our papers. There were some older kids there, too. We were looking forward to Junior High, and we asked the older kids what it was like. Then, the next big change, the Jr. High years (7th and 8th grades)- meeting a bunch of new people from all the different local elementary schools. Instead of one class a day with one teacher, all of sudden there were 6, and you got your own locker. Big changes, indeed!

Anyhow, there are a bunch of songs that remind me of this time. I'm sure you have your own bunch, too! I had just started listening to popular music, and these songs all bring back strong memories of this time of life.

Here's some of my favorites from the time, with links to the Youtube videos (yeah, some are bit corny!).

Supertramp, "The Logical Song"
The Buggles, "Video Killed the Radio Star"
Blondie, "Heart of Glass"
The Pretenders, "Brass in Pocket"
Tom Petty, "Don't Do Me Like That" (My favorite from the time)
The Cars, "Lets Go"
Jefferson Starship, "Jane"
Foreigner, "Mind Games"
Little River Band, "Lady" (Reminds me of the my hopeless first crush.. yes, the video is very geeky!)
Supertramp, "Breakfast in America"
Pink Floyd, "Another Brick in the Wall" (Played endlessly all year in the lunch room in 8th grade)
Little River Band, "Cool Change" (I sure needed "Cool Change"!)
Christopher Cross, "Ride Like the Wind"
Christopher Cross, "Sailing"

Yeah, no AC/DC... I wasn't into the harder rock as you might be able to tell from the selections!