Friday, April 18, 2008

Athens and Norfolk

It's great to hear that there are quite a few readers of this blog! There have been several requests for pictures, hopefully I can get some posted soon, but I am keeping very busy and I also need access to a computer with an SD card reader.

I met up with Michelle, Michelle's 5 (yes, 5!) children and Carol in Athens on Tuesday, we went out for ice cream and I got a whirlwind tour of Athens. Later, Michelle, Dan (Michelle's husband), Carol and Don (Carol's husband) and I went out for dinner to a fantastic southern food restaurant in downtown Athens. My sporadic jogging is just keeping me even with all the great food I'm downing! Afterwards, we had a drink at a bar owned by a friend of Michelle and Dan, also in downtown Athens.

Here's the amazing story behind this meeting: Michelle and I ran around with the same set of friends in HS, but lost contact after HS. About 4 years ago, I just happened to run into Michelle when she was visiting Seattle. We discovered we had our faith in common, and we've been in touch ever since. I met Don a couple of years ago through a Christian program called "Alpha" at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle. Don moved about a year ago for a new job. It turns out that Don moved to Athens, GA, and joined Redeemer Presbyterian church which happens to be Dan and Michelle's church, and they became friends . Carol moved to Athens a little after Don, and Michelle and Carol are great friends now.

Michelle and Dan put me up for the night, I woke up Wednesday, packed up and said goodbye to Michelle and the kids on Wednesday morning. Dan and I went downtown to have breakfast together. Dan showed me their church (where he works), then I headed off to cruise around the University of Georgia for a few hours. It is a beautiful campus (but not quite as beautiful as my Alma Mater, the University of Washington :) I got a haircut downtown at "Lock Nest" hair studio, then I hit the road again around 1:00 PM. I drove through Georgia, South Carolina and stopped for the night at 9:00 PM night at a Motel 6 in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

I got up and headed out to Norfolk, Virginia on Thursday. I arrived at the hotel where my family is staying at 11:00 AM. I met up with Uncle Ted and Eve (who starred in the Phoenix post), cousin Mark and his wife Judy, and we headed to Judy's sister's place for a get together. Ted and I later left for the Norfolk airport to pick up cousins Marty, Matt and Melody (Along with Mark, all Ted's children). We had a drink and a fun conversation at the airport, then headed back to the hotel. We ate at the hotel, then went up to Ted and Eve's apartment for a drink and some more good conversation. I heard a lot of fun stories about my cousin's youth in Durango, Colorado. Evidently, they got into their fair share of trouble... lol

Crashed in Mark's room, slept like a baby, got up and met everyone for breakfast in the hotel restaurant area. We're now getting ready for Mark's retirement ceremony at noon.

Another unbelievably enjoyable last few days with great friends and family. To kill the long hours of driving, I'm keeping in touch with several of you by cell phone, listening to music and talk radio. I gotta say this trip ranks very high on my list of life events! Everyday is an adventure, and the fun, generosity and love of those I've been with is overwhelming.

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Does your camera have a USB or mini-USB port? You could upload your pictures that way.