Sunday, April 6, 2008

On to Phoenix!

Pt. 4 Another lazy morning on Friday. I got another 2 mile or so jog in. It's been great jogging weather in the mornings, 60 and partly cloudy. I met up with my cousin Eric around 3:30 PM. We drove around and grabbed dinner at his favorite local buffet. We drove around some more, caught up with a couple of Eric's friends and we all went to Denny's for a snack, then later Eric and I saw the new Rolling Stones concert movie "Shine a Light" directed by Martin Scorsese (The movie wasn't that great- wait for the rental). It's always great meeting up with Eric, we always have an instant connection and great conversations.

Saturday was mellow all day long. I got some chores done, Uncle Butch and I went to dinner at a local cafe that has a nostalgic Americana theme. The food was excellent. We stayed in and had a good conversation.

Today (Sun 4/6), I got up, went for a jog, had coffee with Butch, cleaned up and packed. I said my goodbyes to Butch, and hit the road around 11:15 AM. It was pretty much a wide open Road from San Diego to the Phoenix area (Chandler). I arrived around 5:00 PM at Uncle Ted and Eve's place. Ted showed me around (it's my first visti) and we chatted. We had a very nice dinner, and here I am! I want to thank Uncle Butch once again for putting up for me for a WHOLE WEEK! He made me feel welcome the whole time, we had a lot of fun and laughs with our conversations.

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