Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The New Orleans Incident

Someone asked about the toe injury, and I said I'd post about it...

I had parked in NO, was was walking toward the French Quarter when I heard the blow of a Riverboat whistle. In my youthful enthusiasm that has somehow hung on to middle age, I started running toward the Mississippi to see the boat. Think "Yay, a big river boat, I'm gonna get a nice picture!" I'm running through a parking lot, then toward the gate near the river, then all of a sudden I hit something and I stumble and fall. I evaluate the damage: raspberries on my hands and knees, I look at my feet in my sandals and I see some bleeding. I think, "Wow, that's odd. What caused that?" I look toward the gate. Tire shredding spikes! I found a nearby bathroom and cleaned it and bandaged it. Luckily, the spike hit my callous, and the damage wasn't too bad. I'm still alive and it's almost totally healed now. I didn't get the picture : )

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