Friday, April 4, 2008

Special Guest Star

Pt. 3 After I left the Kinkos on Wednesday, Tim and I met up and had a great brunch at a place called "Brian's" in the Gaslight area of San Diego. Then, I dropped off Tim at his Hotel, I went back to my base at Uncle Butch's. Picked up Tim again around 7:30 PM, and we went to the Padres/Astros game at Petco Park. That is one nice stadium! It's only 3 years old, and it has a lot of interesting extras, like a little play field for young kids. We had great seats, it was fun, but the Padres lost.

Lounged around Thursday morning, got a 2 mile jog in. Tim and I met up again at noon, we headed to the waterfront where we had lunch and visited the aircraft carrier "Midway" (served 1945 through 1991) that is open for tours. That was pretty interesting. We had a little time left before Tim was scheduled to fly out, so we headed to the beach on Coronado. We walked around on the beach, went by the Hotel Coronado, got some coffee, then we headed out. I dropped Tim off at the airport, then I was off to visit Aunt Joyce in Poway. Joyce and I had a fun time and conversation, then we visited her husband Maurice at the convalescent home where he is recovering from a broken hip. While I was with Joyce, my brother Scott called! He was in Poway for business, so I met up with him and a co-worker of his at the local gourmet restaurant "Chili's". I had no idea he'd be down here, so that was a big surprise.

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