Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LA and San Diego

Part 2. I arrived in the LA area around 8:15 PM on Friday 3/28, I met up with my friend Larry I met in Seattle who now lives in Berkley, but was visiting his home town of LA. We had a good dinner and good conversation. After dinner, I headed to Inglewood, where another friend from way back in Jr. High, Scott, lives and had graciously invited me to stay. Saturday was pretty mellow, we got breakfast, cruised around town, then had a home bar-b-que dinner. On Sunday, I went with Scott to his Church in West LA, it was very similar to my Church in Seattle, so I felt right at home. Afterwards we grabbed breakfast and went to the J. Paul Getty museum near Bel Aire. It is a very impressive building, and the art was fascinating and beautiful. I recommend a visit if you ever get a chance (and it's only $8 for parking, admission is free)! Scott and I grabbed dinner, then I was off for San Diego.

I arrived at my Uncle Butch's place in San Diego at about 10:00 PM on Sun 3/30. On Monday we grabbed breakfast at a nearby Mexican restaurant which was very good. Later that day, I headed to Escondido to visit my Uncle Dick and his wife Suzie for about half a day. We went to watch Dick's Grandson's baseball game at Escondido High. Afterwards, we had dinner at a very nice Mexican restaurant nearby. Dick gave me two tickets for the Padres game on Wed night. Coincidentally a very good friend from Seattle, Tim, is in San Diego for business so I called him up, and he agreed to go with me to the game. After dinner, I headed back to Butch's place in San Diego.

Tuesday 4/1 was a pretty mellow day. I surfed the internet, roamed Butch's neighborhood in the warm San Diego sun (nice!), stopped for coffee at a local coffee shop. Butch and I went out for Chinese food at lunch. Later, I met up with Tim and some people he met from his company down here in the downtown/Gaslight area for drinks and fun. And we had drinks and fun : )

Woke up late-ish (due to the drinks and fun of the previous night), Tim called and suggested we meet for breakfast. So, I headed down to pick him up at his hotel. Right now, he's getting a little work task done via computer as I write this post at a nearby Kinkos.

Wow, I'm finally caught up on the blogging! Upcoming plans include the previoulsy mentioned Padres game tonight with Tim, visiting a few more relatives here in the San Diego area, then heading out for Phoenix on the 5th or 6th.

I hope everyone is well!

Till the next post,


Jennifer said...

Exactly what kind of fun was that?

joshuadf said...

Sounds nice! Too bad you missed the snow we had in Seattle.

Greg said...

Just fun fun. Nothing too "bad" : ) I heard about the snow! I prefer the warm CA sun.

Lawrence King said...

It was cool seeing you in L.A.!

But I wished I was back in Seattle when I heard about the snow....