Sunday, May 4, 2008

Boston and Chicago

On Thursday, I drove to the Alewife subway station and took the subway into Boston.  I got out at Boston Commons, what a place to first really see Boston!  I walked around the Commons, grabbed a hot dog and pop, took pictures of the Statehouse (across the street) then proceeded down the "Freedom Trail".   I really enjoyed it- the 2 mile walk goes by Paul Revere's house, Fureil Hall, the Quincy Market, the Old North Church, "Cheers" (a little less historical), the Old City Hall, a few very old cemeteries and ended up at the USS Constitution in Charleston.  The Constitution was amazing, to see such an historic old ship (built 1796).  I got back to Mark and Judy's, had dinner and hit the sack.

Friday, I got up and packed and lounged around.  Mark and I had lunch at a Mexican place in downtown Milford (Judy wasn't feeling well, and she didn't join us), came back to the house and said my goodbyes, and I hit the road once again.  It was an interesting drive, New York is a pretty big state actually.  Lots of forests.  Drove through Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo, saw the Erie Canal.  I stayed the night in a motel in Westfield, New York.  

On Saturday, I left the motel around 8:30, drove through the last bit of New York, through Erie, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and ended up in Compton, IL at my Aunt's house at 5:00 PM CDT.  We chatted, ate a little dinner, and I hit the sack early.  This morning, I woke up at 7:00, jogged around the block (in rural Illinois, that's 2.6 miles), cleaned up, chatted with Dolly, and headed to Chicago, where I met a friend from my church earning a Masters at Loyola for lunch.  She was nice enough to let me use her computer to catch up on email and blogging, and here I am!

Well, my big trip is on the homestretch.  I'll stay with Dolly for a few days, I'll stop by in Iowa to see more relatives (Have you figured out I have a big family?) for a day or two, then the big drive from Iowa to Seattle.  I was thinking of stopping in Colorado, but I'm finally starting to get a bit homesick, and am thinking of getting home by mid-May.  

Hope all of you are well.  I'll see all my Seattle family and friends fairly soon!

Until the next post,

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Tala said...

I've been following along (living vicariously). My, what an adventure you've had! On your way home, are you going through Montana? Glacier National Park must be amazing in the Spring. If there's anything to see in Montana, I'd guess that'd be it. :)
Happy Travels, Tala