Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Pictures!

Hi All, Sorry I've been slow getting more pictures up, I've had computer problems and I've been lazy : ) My last picture post ended when I arrived in New York. Here we go from there.

I love New York!

Me and Sheila on the observation deck of the Empire State Building

Dinner Party at Sheila's home in Queens

Yale Law School, where many famous, elite people have graduated

Mark and Judy's house in New Hampshire. Originally built around 1750.

Mark, Judy and I spent a day visiting Salem, MA

I took a day to do the John Adams tour in Quincy. Here is his childhood home.

I walked the "Freedom Trail" in Boston. I started at the Boston Commons, just across from the Massachusetts State House.

Self portrait of me and Aunt Dolly at her house in Compton, IL

Cousins Tina and Becky and Me in Aurora, IL

Cousin Lexie and her cute kids in Iowa

Me and Aunt Lois in Iowa

I was welcomed home with a rush hour slowdown. But it was good to be home : )

Thanks for following my big trip! I was honored and humbled that so many followed the blog. I'm not sure what to do with the blog now... any ideas?


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