Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I said goodbye to everyone in Iowa on Tuesday morning. It was a little emotional saying goodbye to Aunt Lois and Uncle Bud... I dropped by Tina's place in Mason City to pick up my jacket, and headed to the little Iowa town of Belmond, where my paternal grandfather was born. My cousin Marty asked me to do a little genealogical research for him in Belmond. I dug through the city hall records and visited the cemetery. We got one little piece figured out, but a few others remain. Once done in Belmond, I hit the road and ended up at a Super 8 motel on the Missouri River in South Dakota for the night. Wednesday was a big 12 hour drive from South Dakota, through part of Wyoming and I stayed the night in Butte, Montana.

I left Butte at 10:00 AM MDT, and arrived in North Bend to pick up Midas at 5:00 PM PDT. I got home at 6:30 PM.

Some quick facts about the trip:
Miles traveled: 10,011.4
Ave gas mileage: 26.9
Est ave gas price: $3.55
Places stayed the night: 21

What a trip! It was the greatest adventure of my life. Thank you sooo much to all my friends and family who I visited and stayed with. You made the trip amazing! But, it is also wonderful to be home. After this huge trip, I realize the Pacific Northwest is a especially beautiful part of our great country. It was great to have Midas back, he seemed pretty happy to be back home, too.

More pictures coming in a day or two.



Tala said...

What an amazing trip, Greg! And how amazing is that HUGE family of yours? :) What a great opportunity you had to travel like that. And hey, you made it home for some early suumer weather. All the best!

Lawrence King said...

It was great seeing you, and great being a part of your epic trip.

And yes, I agree that Seattle is the most wonderful city in the world!

- Larry