Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sampson Attacks!

I've been enjoying my stay with my Aunt Dolly here in rural IL. We've been having some fun and interesting conversations. On Monday, I went to town in the morning and got breakfast at a decent local restaurant. I jogged in the evening.

On Tuesday, I went to town and bought a new mailbox, which I put up for her. I went jogging in the afternoon and almost got eaten by a big dog with a bear-like head. Well, not really, but it was a bit of a scary encounter with a big, black 100 lb Rottweiler looking pooch with his fur up. The owner was nearby but didn't seem too concerned and just said, "Here, Sampson, here". He started after me again a couple more times as I tried to jog on, I finally asked the owner to hold onto cuddly Sampson until I was gone. She obliged. I took a long walk in the evening, avoiding Sampson's house : )

On Wednesday I had breakfast in town again and went shopping for dinner. Dolly had a couple of friends over that evening, and we had a nice chicken dinner together. I took a long walk in the evening.

I've enjoyed the slower pace of the last few days, I've been watching TV, exercising, doing a few little tasks around the house, reading and chatting with Dolly and a couple of her friends that visit.

I'm heading out tomorrow to visit a Cousin in Aurora, IL, then I'll head to the Mason City, Iowa area where both of my parents were born. I'll visit Aunt Lois, Uncle Bud and a few cousins there, then I'll be drivin' home. I've debated visiting Glacier, several of you have told me about how beautiful it is, but I'm feeling the call of home and will leave that for another trip. I expect to be home around Wednesday, 5/14. Less than a week to go!

Until the next post,

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Edgar said...

Sounds like such an amazing trip and I can't help but wonder "Done so soon?" I can't blame you for missing home after 6 weeks.

Beano says 'Hi'

I'll be sure to send the girls home, and get the keg out of the bath tub. (Just kidding!)

See you when you get here!