Friday, January 30, 2009

My Email to My Senators

Please contact Senators Murray and Cantwell to express your opinion on the proposed multi-hundred billion "stimulus" package.

I wrote them tonight:

Dear Senator,

I'm writing to express concern for the huge stimulus bill you will be considering shortly.

Please work to ensure that the bill is as efficient and small as possible. Please don't allow project that won't help the economy recover, such as birth control or funding of ACORN.

Please ensure that a lot of the money goes to energy and infrastructure projects- things that can help America's economy become more efficient and reliable.

I just read an article titled "US-EU trade war looms as Barack Obama bill urges 'Buy American' The prospect of a trade war between the US and Europe is looming after "Buy American" provisions were added to President Barack Obama's $820 billion (£573 billion) stimulus package." in the British paper the Telegraph.

While I'm not an historian, I understand trade wars were partially responsible for the Great Depression, and it seems prudent to avoid the path of a new trade war.

Thank you for your SERVICE to the PEOPLE of the great State of Washington.

Greg Moon

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