Friday, August 29, 2008

Very Exciting VP Pick!

I don't want to do much politics on this blog, but I am very happy about McCain's VP pick...

McCain has shown courage and made a somewhat risky but exciting choice. The GOP base is excited with this choice, after fearing that McCain would "diss" them with his VP pick. Governor Palin brings an historic note to the GOP ticket, a counter the historic Obama candidacy. This pick also puts some disgruntled Hillary voters up for grabs.

I'm very impressed with Governor Palin. The mother of 5, her youngest is disabled, and one of her sons joined the Army on 9/11 of last year, and will soon be deployed to a combat zone overseas. She's been a town council member and mayor and Governor of Alaska. She's articulate, humble, tough and bright.

She has a lot of courage, and has fought the establishment in Alaska- including frosty relations with Alaska Pork King, Ted Stevens. She has visited the Alaska national guard in Kuwait

It's gonna be a very interesting next few months!

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