Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yet Another Letter to Senator Murray

Maybe I'm too concerned, but I just have a bad vibe about the direction of our country. I hope I'm wrong. In any event, I felt compelled to write Senator Murray again.

Here it is:

Dear Senator Murray,

I am writing to express strong concern about the current state of the nation.

Why is the federal government assuming control of our major banks and automobile companies? Why is the federal government considering seizing control of our health care industry?

Why is the federal government going to have a $1.8 trillion deficit THIS YEAR?

I've read several books about the great people who laid out the foundation of our great nation. Adams, Washington, Jefferson & Madison all envisioned a small central government with a careful balance of the various branches of power, and freedom for all. Are we living faithfully to the founding vision of the United States? I'm sad to say, I think not.

I and many of my friends and acquaintances are becoming increasingly alarmed at the rapid expansion of federal power in general, and the executive branch in particular.

Please work hard to preserve our great CONSTITUTIONAL Republic, and the freedoms we enjoy. Please work hard to preserve the vital role of the legislative branch of the government. YOU make our laws!

Thank you for your consideration,
Greg Moon

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