Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Introducing The Rain City Bunker Podcast

4/8/2009 Update:
Episode II is now available!


My buddy Andy and I have decided to start pod casting!

Our web site is called Rain City Bunker, and we started the Rain City Bunker Blog for people to comment on the pod casts. No comments so far... : ( But, we are optimistic we will find a few people (even if just family & friends) who will listen and be entertained.

Andy has a nice Mac with the recording software and equipment, I created the website, and we both "host" the podcast. Each show will be about an hour long.

So far, we just have one episode up. In Episode I, Andy and I introduce ourselves and the show, talk about our approach to the unusual topics we will cover (along with usual topics), unusual events each of us have experienced, talk about a UFO story, and a couple other topics.

We recorded Episode II on 4/5/09, but Andy is working to fix a little technical difficulty before we post it. In Episode II, we interview my Uncle, Eric Miller, about his book & website, Passion for Murder. As readers (I know there's at least 2 or 3 of you!) know, I am working with my Uncle to promote his book.

Actually, the desire to promote the book led to the podcast idea. I told Andy that I was trying to get my Uncle interviewed on the national radio show, Coast to Coast AM. Andy said, "Why don't we interview him ourselves?" and the idea was born.

We were clueless about what to call the show, Andy wanted something about soggy Seattle, moss or the like. When we were setting up in my basement, I said I wanted the name to be something about a basement. Andy then said, "How about 'Rain City Bunker'?" and I loved it and we instantly adopted the name.

Drop by and take a listen!

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