Sunday, November 2, 2008

New "Passion For Murder" Blog Post

Take a look at the latest from my uncle, Eric Miller, at the Passion For Murder blog. In this post Eric briefly makes the case he makes in his book Passion For Murder that Dr. Sigmund Freud was a serial killer.

An excerpt:

In Passion for Murder I wanted to get on record my thesis and the foundation evidence. Actually, I think a careful study of my book does offer sufficient proof that Freud looks like a serial killer, walks like a serial killer, and quacks like a serial killer--now I will follow up with detailed info of those he killed. In 1984 the criterion for indentifying a serial killer had not yet been developed by the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI at Quantico laboratories. That actually came out in late 1984, after publication for my work. This is a great boon for me. I spoke in PFM of Freud's Homicidal Mania, We have learned a great deal about serial killers since publication of my work. And I myself was amazed at how Freud's hand (unlike O.J.'s?) fit into the glove. The focus of the serial killer profile now offers a great opportunity to show how Freud absolutely fits the profile--indeed, one might say the profile was made to fit!

This is fascinating stuff!

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