Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Coveted Moon Endorsement!

I hate to admit it, I'm not so much for John McCain as I am against Barack Obama. There is a huge list of things that concern me about Obama, but I lay out only the major ones here. The following reasons make me question his fitness to be the President of the United States:

1) His record as THE MOST LIBERAL of all US Senators in 2007. As Obama admitted to Joe the Plumber, he wants to "spread the wealth around". I prefer keeping as much of the free will God gave us, and letting individuals "spread the wealth" around as they see fit.

2) His questionable judgement in associating with radicals, racists and crooks, people like
* Frank Marshal- friend,
* William Ayers - former (But unrepentant) domestic terrorist,
* Beradine Dohrn - Ayers' partner in crime and wife ,
* Reverend Wright - Obama's infamous former pastor of TWENTY YEARS,
* Reverend Pfleger - radical Catholic Priest (who gave a pretty interesting sermon at Obama's former church) ,
* Tony Rezko - Convicted felon and major Obama fundraiser,
* Larry Walsh - political ally and friend in the Illinois State Senate,
* Rashid Khalidi - an anti-Israeli friend,
* ACORN - Obama worked as a community organizer and attorney for these guys, now under investigation in several states for voter registration fraud.

The question is not just his judgment, but that he minimizes his relations with these people. He's being deceptive. People deserve a little latitude about their associations, but there is a real and alarming trend here.

3) He reneged on his pledge to use public campaign funds. We want to trust the word of our leaders.

4) His campaign used 3rd world thug tactics in trying to shut down free speech in Missouri and Chicago to stifle dissent. Hey, I thought dissent was patriotic! This is really alarming to me. If elected, what else will he do to squelch dissent?

You may notice I don't list "lack of experience". I don't think that is really an issue, JFK and Bill Clinton weren't real experienced, and they were capable Presidents. It can be argued (but never is in the MSM) that Sarah Palin has MORE exeperince (certainly as an executive) than Obama. In any event, the lack of extensive experience isn't so big a deal to me.

John McCain has served his country his entire life in the Military and Government. He is the leading crusader in the Senate against earmarks (pork barrel spending), and he himself has never sought an earmark for his state of Arizona. He favors fiscal responsibility. Also, John McCain sounded the alarm about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2006. Whereas, Obama is the 2nd largest recipient in the Senate of FM&FM money, behind just Christopher Dodd, chairman of the FM&FM oversight committee. FM & FM are at the heart of the current financial mess the country finds itself in.

My Endorsement goes to John McCain.

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